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Craft Beer!


Bloodhound's goal in providing an extensive variety of craft beers both in cans and on tap is still the highlight of the venue and what separates us from the rest.

We have 10 rotating craft beers on tap, and over 36 different cans in our fridges! 

Whether you like a funky flavoured sour, a creamy stout, a crisp lager or anything else on the beer spectrum, we got you covered....and then some!


Ask anyone that's paid a visit to Bloodhound, and they'll tell you that we love cocktails as much as we love our craft beer!

Our cocktail menu can be found at the bar, a board with a continuous rotation of flavour profiles that are sure to intrigue the palate!


The VooDoo Man

Found on our cocktail menu is our house twist on the Zombie, a classic Tiki cocktail! With Angostura 1919, Inner Circle Black Dot Overproof, Havana Club, passionfruit, lemon, lime, orange, Angostura bitters, grenadine and triple sec. Garnished with fruit and a hollowed lime lit on fire and sprinkled with cinnamon. 


Rocky Road

A liquid recreation of the iconic Australian dessert with marshmallow-infused Icelandic vodka, our secret recipe for a 'Magic' Toberlone syrup, Licor 43, Luxardo and chocolate bitters, rimmed with shredded coconut and garnished with a candy skewer. This special will be available again in December of 2024.


Pink Panther

Our range of mocktails is bound to appeal to all our heroic designated drivers. Served like a pink gin fizz it includes Lyre's Pink Spirit, lime, lemon, sugar and eggs whites and topped with creaming soda. 

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